Life, for me, is nothing but a heroic poem of joy and perversity written with the bleeding hands of sorrow and pain or a tragic dream of art and beauty!

Renzo Novatore - I Am Also a Nihilist

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And silence, like darkness, can be kind; it, too, is a language.

Hanif Kureishi, from Intimacy (Scribner, 1999)

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Paris Is Burning


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i’d rather be vain than learn to hate myself again

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Details at Givenchy Menswear S/S 2012

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Ralph & Russo Fall 2014 Haute Couture (Details)

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Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment. Alexander McQueen (via enkelthed)

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Thierry Mugler’s Paris Apartment
“I don’t want real possessions. What I need and what I wanted in this apartment was its space - and to keep it as empty as possible.”